i want the creator of this to be arrested

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photographer: marissa j

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I used to go to a Dominican place & got my hair blown out like that (minus the keratin treatment) and not gunna lie they did a good job with it. Like, they made sure that my hair never broke and was never dry so for the most part my experience wasn't that bad

Yea depending on where you go theyre good as long as you dont go a lot.

Dominican blowouts are different from brazillian blowouts

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i wanted some advice on my hair do you answer anon question only or?

?? I answer all questions





Love yourself babies…….. You’re fine..

Im p sure this is another one of those fake accounts to make fun of black women but I could be wrong

I think the account is, but they took a lot of pics from random places so idk I hope the person in the pics is jokin too

It’s photo shopped….

??????we know lol










BRAZILLIAN BLOWOUT ON NATURAL HAIR………. this is the ‘keratin treatment’

i’ve been seeing on some natural hair FB pages, some women asking if its okay, if their still natural, etc.

what you do to your hair is ultimately up to you. of course.

just know that it’s a CRAZY amount of heat and stress put to your hair in one day, and keratin treatments are chemicals that straighten your hair. it’s like a “softer” relaxer.

this girl’s hair is damaged already, and this process didn’t help at all.

yeah that’s worse than a perm. She is gonna have major heat damage. And no after this is done to your hair you aren’t natural anymore. BB is a chemical process just like a perm. 

It’s not worst than a relaxer. But it certainly isn’t good for OUR hair. Our hair can’t take Brazilian blowouts. Especially not on the regular. It’s just extreme heat put on the hair and scalp over and over again until it’s bone straight. As for Keratin that’s just like a relaxer. It just has a different name and a few different chemicals added to it. It’s not my head so my two cents doesn’t matter. Whatever makes her happy is all that matters, but her stylist should inform her before doing anything to her head.

(I Read your tags) you should have seen the video before commenting because this video IS about a keratin treatment, and the stylist uses tension and high heat 2x and rinses 2x PLUS the chemical on already very damaged hair.

No, you can’t tell the client what to do, and yes as long as they’re happy that’s all that matters

(Also you basically rewrote everything i originally said lol)

I just watched it and now that I’m fully awake I realized it was a Brazilian not a Dominican. I mixed the two up. It’s hairstylist like that that bother me because your taught to work with every kind of hair. I can’t stand the ones that want to chemically treat hair just to make their job easier. Which is what she did. Also when the hair is in thirty state you’re legally not allowed to chemically treat it because of her state. My op was me stating a lot of people get their hair information from the internet instead of an actual professional. Which is probably what she did.

I’m so upset she blow dried. Flat ironed. RINSED IT OUT FOR NO APPARENT REASON. Then REblow dried and REflat ironed. Like bye. She didn’t keratin treatment this girls hair. She burned it to within an inch of its life. I’m so mad.


I can’t believe that she charges $200 for basically damaging this woman’s hair almost beyond repair. She is going to have so much breakage. Way, way, too much heat!

yep, Im a brazilian I did that shit to my hair and I regret it deeply.

They never ever teach us to love our hair down there. It is straight and straight only….look at the bs we go through since we are little kids just to look like some oatmeal slumber-licked white ass european girl