@keekee_nyte rocking her #crochetweave I did on her! No leave out and her hair has grown sooooooooo much #protectivestyle #naturalhair #untouchmyhair #Teamnatural #naturalhairgang

Great News!!!


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Anonymous asked:

I can't tell if I have really bad buildup or dry flaky scalp. Do I moisturize more or use different shampoo first? Should I wash and not put anything on it to see if it's scalp? Which is better to start with?

start by clarifying well. 

  • organic black soap
  • apple cider vinegar
  • idk if there’s some other commercial brand that does as well as black soap…..

usually with my clients, with either issue: clarifying, and a good oil mix with essential oils to help, gets rid of build up and flakes.

also, if you’re a long time follower, you know i’m 100% team natural products, and i strongly believe they work the best to relieve hair issues. because of that i can’t suggest any products for you to buy in a store to try. not cuz im tryna hinder you from being great, i just dont know any.

but if you’d like links of places to get some awesome natural products let me know




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Wish i was close to you

shoot if you can round up at least 10 ppl i’d come to you boo

I tried that lmaoo
My friends go home to nyc to get theirs done or do it themselves and…. it’s not great looking tbh.
Like no shade i just hate visible knots and wide spaces. Lol
They know I said this though so no two facedness over here lol

lmao i HAAATE those but you know some people love it so i let them be great lol

tooo many people in NY want me to come but not enough smh


Who the hell is this?!?! How can there be such beauty in this world? I have not the words to describe such an image, such vibrancy, such flawlessness…

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Anonymous asked:

For that one girl that says she had really oily thin hair and washes it everyday, I think washing your hair frequently makes your scalp produce more oil from be stripped so much so maybe not washing so often for a little while will get her scalp back to its normal oil production

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lol i didnt know you would actually reply LOL. I put that there as a joke xD

lmao dont slip around me guhl