Kids on my newsfeed getting engaged and not even graduated from high school yet

I’m soooooooo…. what

i’m gonna have to spray my hair with ACV




it’s official, me and synthetic hair hate each other.

but i do not want to take all these braids out unless i HAVE to sooo

hopefully the acv works well enough. please work

Me and synthetic hair can’t deal. Tried it 3times since going natural… My scalp was maaaad.

I usually rub with my oil mix that has a generous amount of peppermint oil and now rosemary they soothe the scalp like no other. Also vatika coconut oil is another miracle for irritated scalp.

I’ve done an oil mix every day and night. And had rosemary, ginger, and lavender in grape seed oil.. Plus your butter and then cassandras.

We just finished taking it out it burned my scalp like a bad relaxer


Your love for chocolate can be transferred to your hair!
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