This is me last summer when i finally started growing my hair back.

before then, I decided to try relaxers. I took care of my hair so it didn’t get really damaged, but it wasn’t worth it to me because of how often I had to do it. In order for my hair to be just relaxed enough to straighten and stay that way, I had to put the relaxer in 3 times. yea. 3 times. I never let it burn my scalp, it was nice and soft and flowy, but when i washed and let it be, I had a nappy afro. Why bother? just let it be.

so on the night after Christmas, I went into my bathroom with my clippers (yea i have my own) and cut my hair.

I was self conscious, I thought for sure it would be a man repellent (it’s actually a magnet), and I didn’t like feelin all that damn wind on my head. but every day made me like it more and more.

I had fun using my earrings and playing with eye shadows to give certain looks, and having men appreciate me for what’s on my FACE first and then the rest of me was a great feeling.

but anybody tryna get used to having no hair, or thinkin about doin the BC, just do it. don’t hesitate, don’t worry about whether your head shape is right for it, just cut it. i never seen anybody with short hair that looked bad. there may be a short style that will suit you, but you wont regret it. it’ll just open your eyes to another side of what it means to have confidence and appreciating yourself. and giirrrll hair grows back fast honey.

so what i look like a beetle. ima cute beetle.

cut your hair and say you cute too dammit.

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